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[Pre-order ] Jing D Wang
 _ Poké Hikaru™

NT$ 1,080.00

Poké Hikaru™ - 預約生產版

ℹ️ 作品資訊 Artwork information :

。設計師 Designer:Jing D Wang

。原型師 Prototype:91art studio + JDW

。名稱Artwork name :Poké Hikaru™

。材質 Material:陶瓷 Ceramic + 壓克力 Acrylic paint

。尺寸Size :H 5.3cm

。定價Price  : 1,080 TWD /個 (每人每帳號限購一組。)

(Each account can only order one piece.)

(Paying by PayPal or  WeChat Pay will add more addition fee.) 

。產地:台灣 made in Taiwan

。數量 Quantity : 限量77 + 7AP’s
 / Limited 77 + 7AP’s

ℹ️ 預購須知 PRE-ORDER information :

🌟預購時間 PRE-ORDER time:  2021.7/17 12:00 pm - 7/24

🌟預購須知 IMPORTANT : 

   somethingGOOD 僅接受台灣以外的訂單
(somethingGOOD only take the oversea orders. )

🌟運送方式Shipping : 


2. others  : by EMS (will add shipping fee at the final check out)

🌟預計出貨時間 Shipping time : 

2021.10月下旬 / 2021.the end of the October.

🌟隱藏版 隨機出貨  

(There will have special secret color shipping by random.)

(The pre-order will be closed in anytime, when the quantity are all sold out.)

🌟Poké Hikaru™為全手工製作,由藝術家Jing親自上色,絕對值得收藏!

Poké Hikaru™ is all hand made artwork, it will be the "most collect" artwork in your collection. 

🌟 陶作為易碎品,運送包裝以防護安全為主,部分包材使用回收材料,敬請包涵。

Ceramics are fragile, we will make sure the protection of the package, and it might pack with some recycle materials. 

🌟 商品為陶瓷 (Ceramic)請勿放置於日光照射處或鹵素燈下,避免造成變質損毀等情況。

The product is ceramic. Please keep it away form sunlight or halogen lamp to avoid deterioration and damage.

※ 如有任何爭議,Jing D Wang保留最終決定權。

※ 如有任何爭議,somethingGOOD 保有銷售權益。

Jing D Wang © All Rights Reserved.

🌟 Collector notice :

  1. Product will need to add shipping fee to your country.
  2. Shipping will takes time, so please make sure to be order.
  3. All artwork are handmade, we can’t 100% make sure its that prefect  you liked.  Please make sure BEFORE  make the order.
  4. We don’t offer the refund because you don’t like it. 
  5. International order we will use the EMS as the usual selection, but if you are ok to be waited and want to cost down on shipping, please connect us.