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《 Baby Doll Pepite Blind box》

NT$ 350.00

🌟Artist / Brand  Miloza Ma  @milozama

Miloza is an artist from HongKong.

Her art work is full of pure fantasy.

She focus on self soul exploration, 

but at the same time she add virginity in her painting. 


As an Illustrator, her works make collector feel energetic.

As an character, her character could be a wonderful fantasy from anyones childhood. 

Wish all of you could find your original intention from the cute. 

🌟 GOOD detail

《 Baby Doll Pepite Blind box》 


    1.  random box 350元

     2 . set box 2000元 

         (6 type in a set including the secret, and 1 Baby Doll A3 poster.)

height : 5.5 cm with stand

color : Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Pastel Yellow 

             + Clear Glitter Gold (Chase)

normal type : 5 type

secret type : 1 type

materials : Produced with high quality slush-molded softvinyl

🌟 Collector notice 

  1. Product will need to add shipping fee to your country.
  2. Shipping will takes time, so please make sure to be order.
  3. All artwork are handmade, we can’t 100% make sure its that prefect  you liked.  Please make sure BEFORE  make the order.
  4. We don’t offer the refund because you don’t like it. 
  5. International  order we will use the EMS as the usual selection, but if you are ok to be waited and want to cost down on shipping, please connect us.